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Let top coach Ken Mierke help you perform to your potential

Coach Ken Mierke
Coaching beginners to professionals

B.S. Exercise Physiology, minors in nutrition, biology, psychology

Two-time I.T.U. World Triathlon Champion

Ken has coached:

6 World Champions
16 National Champions
28 Team USA Members
Male and Female Hawaii Ironman age group podium finishers

Coaching Services


Schedule a consult with Head Coach Ken Mierke, either in person or by phone, for $200 per hour. Consults will be billed in 15-minute segments after the first hour.

Training Schedules

$100 start up fee for first schedule. Subsequent start up fees will be waived within 30 days of previous schedule ending.
$900 for 12 month schedule
$600 for 6 month schedule
$400 for 3 month schedule

Head Coach Ken Mierke develops customized training schedules to get you to race day ready to perform to your potential. This is the most cost effective coaching program. Ken will review your training and racing history, seasonal goals, strengths and weaknesses. He produces schedules customized to your unique physiology, goals and experience. This program offers no interaction with the coach after the schedules have been delivered and explained. The athlete will fill out an extensive questionnaire and talk with Ken. Ken then delivers the schedule and goes over the schedule to make sure the athlete understands every aspect. Beyond that, additional consults will be charged separately.

Schedules will include:
-- Specific daily workouts, based on duration, intensity, and technique concentration.
-- Race day nutrition guidelines for your priority events
-- Drills to help you develop more efficient techniques
-- A number of articles on topics that will help with your training and racing.

Basic Coaching Program

$250 per month plus a $100 start-up fee

    This program provides high level, cost effective coaching.
    Monthly training schedules
    Monthly formal consult by phone
    Contact at athlete’s initiative.
        Email any time
        Call during coach’s office hours
    Tests and technique lessons at discount price of $100
    Minimum commitment 3 months.
    Annual Training Plan at no additional fee with 6-month contract.
    Start-up fee waived with 12-month prepaid contract

Premium Coaching Program

$400 per month plus a $100 start-up fee

    This program provides the athlete with the ultimate interaction with their coach.
     Annual training plan
     Monthly training schedules
     Weekly formal consult by phone or in person
     Constant email communication
     Contact will be at both the athlete's and the coach's initiative.
     Free technique lesson quarterly
     Free registration at any Fitness Concepts clinic or seminar
     Minimum commitment 3 months.
     Free VO2 test quarterly
     Start-up fee waived with 6-month prepaid contract